SUNDAY May 20, 2018     Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

All riders out and about met at Zippy’s, our spot on Dillingham! Aloha’s ~n~ greetings back in forth while waiting for more riders to show. At the sound of the bell, in the circle were da Prez & Sparky, V/P Kimi, Genny, Kanuk, Marc, our club Actor Kipp, Ray H, Bridget, (Jim) Coop and da Professor. Prayers went out to the all, especially to those who lost loved ones recently! Rain in the mountains made us want to head westbound.

We headed towards Kunia, then proceeded to Haleiwa market place. As we pulled in, I noticed Kanuk’s bike was riding low and said, “eh check ur bike, looks mighty low oops, “flat tire”! Mark had a tire air device, I provided power and we got air back in it. We wanted to head back and get Kanuk home to make sure nothing else contributed to air leak in tire. Myself, Geneva and Professor rode back with Kanuk while the rest of the group continued around the island! The Prez and his group which consisted of Sparky, Bridget, Jim “Coop”, Ray H and Marc went to Times Restaurant for lunch and finished off early Ride! I heard Red was helping the Pacific Knights with a bike tow after their Prez’ bike broke down. We saw a bunch on the side of the freeway when we were coming to town! Another Sunday ride, eventful but blessed with good friends, great weather and safe ride. Ok saved another day! Mahalo and Aloha da V/P Kimo’sabe