SUNDAY MAY 21, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Haouli la Hanau Happy Birthday Prez! Beautiful morning 😊in the circle today were Da Prez & Sparky, v/p Kimo, Genny, Red, Marc, Henry, RayH, Ben, Barbra, guest riders Ms Andie, Hotcakes and Mike. Aurighttt today is the “ride for the fallen” put on by the “Iron circle” so first stop will be at the Iolani Palace were we can meet up with all the other clubs, after a blessing for us n da island awayyyyy we go! Pulled up to the palace a lot of bikes were parked all over, we parked, people shaking hands shoulder taps and alohas, we got checked in for the run, we opted out of the first stop at platinum bar, too many bikes small place so we continue south went thru Waikiki, Diamondhead, Kahala, Aina Hina, Hawaii Kai, Portlock, and thru the canyons n ocean cliffs just beautiful day! Emergency vehicles at baby Makapu going on we made it to our spot at Waimanalo center, took a break then made way to the next stop of the run, we made way to H-3 and headed to FRA pulled another card, then off to Cycle City Harley last stop Montgomery Motors, Stafford’s on vacation, but the place was rocking! Music, bikes, food n fun great end to the ride mahalo for all who came out to ride today! Remember parade ride next Saturday in Waikiki, be at Saratoga 5:15pm by post office, check your bikes out, so you can ride safely! Until next week be safe n” ride into the wind” da v/p Kimosabe!