SUNDAY MAY 29, 2016

Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

A Salute to our armed forces on this pre memorial day! In the circle today was da Prez & Sparky, Kimosabe, Genny, Red, Ben, Kanauck, Marc, Mark & Didi, Skully, Dandy, Iceman & Dee and Mr H. (henry). Today’s route was jump on the freeway head for H-3 go as far as the road goes ends up at K-bay. We make a pit stop at the look-out on the right before the big turnaround at the guard shack. We continued to Kam Hwy, made left to Pali straight over to the back road and enjoyed the back scenic roads, hit Kalaninanaole Hwy the fast right back ward roads again to the Waimanalo bottleneck then we cruised up to Waimanalo Yokozuna plaza where jack in the box stay break time. Had a little break then news was due to candle night ride tonight with the vets , the pack would continue into town then split up and go our own ways meet at cycle city Harley to participate in the memorial ride to punchbowl. We met back and joined the clubs lining up for the ride Pacific Knights had it under control and made all the road guard positions covered a big pack rolled to punchbowl cemetery n honored our past n present vets! A lot of rain came, rain rain rain, we opted out of the after party n made our wet way home great ride great day! Mahalo to all who came out to ride today, remember big island changes are affecting the trip talk to one of the officers…be stay great and see ya next weekend for da ride.

Mahalo n aloha da V/P