SUNDAY May 6, 2018            Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome welcome to Intruder Sunday ride! In the circle this morning was da V/P Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Ray H, Dmann and Skully. It was SBU day so after the day’s blessings, we headed out to check out da Prez. Dmann was leading with me, the girls in primary road guard position, but Dmann and I road guarded. We hit up the SBU and caught up with da Prez and Sparky. We talked a little bit after the meeting broke up. They were headed out to a birthday party, so we headed out to ride, aloha all! We charged up H-1 to H-3 heading to the Kaneohe pier. Oh how beautiful was the weather, the blue waters of the ocean, the sandbar could be seen while people were fishing. It was a nice break and I met a cool parrot at the store, typical Hawaii Day. Our next stop was Kahuku with no one needing pit stop. Then it was Kaaawa 7-11 park side for emergency as we got hit with rain when we came around the horn. It was a pretty good small, wet all over. It had stopped by the time we hit the Kahuku Sugar Mill. We were mostly dry and all smiling glad that the sun had broken out. Always good at Kahuku with all having a nice break, next stop Haleiwa with “Killer Tacos” for lunch. It was good to have Dmann riding with us today. His bike, being newly transformed, was running tops. We had a nice lunch, no waiting time. Then back up the road, backside of Waialua, up snake road then up up up n away, homeward bound. It’s end of ride! Mahalo for you all who came out today! Until next week, stay safe, check your bikes and “Always keep smiling”! Aloha n Mahalo, da V/P Kimosabe