Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! This morning in the circle was da Prez and first lady Sparky, Kimo, Marc, Barbra, Kanuk, Dmann, RayH, Ron, Ben & Gail & Ohana Guest Marc’s daughter Brandi After announcements and prayers we lit out towards Kaneohe hee,ee pier first stop! We headed up Likelike Hwy, haven’t been on this road in a while. The day was perfect zoomba zoomba we roared down the hwy into the tunnel and whoosh out the other side windward, here we are, we cruised to our first stop with ease….next stop Kahuku Sugar mill, varoomba varoomba nice long leg of the journey…rolled in there a little while, later ready for a small break shared something cool drinks, a few laughs, then lunch decision.  Haleiwa Bob’s was chosen. When we got their it was shut down.  We ended up going to Killa Tacos, had a nice little kau kau. After we headed to snake road, I road guarded for them to merge on snake road and I went left end of ride….mahalo to you all who came out to ride! Good to see ya Brandi to the entire family god bless! Until next week be safe! Check your bikes! Be kind! Mahalo & aloha da v/p Kimo