Aloha Intruder Family and Friends   WELCOME TO INTRUDER SUNDAY, October 13, 2019

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday. I don’t know if someone wrote for last week as I was out with a battery change finally. In the circle this morning was da V/P Kimo, Geneva, Marc, Kanuk, Henry, Ray H. and Ben. Our guest riders were RC & M. We headed out to the Harley shop to see and meet up with the Prez. He had his S.B.U.duties with the Lava Riders poker run and he will be there all day. We paid our respects to all the clubs rollings in. We had friends all over and there was a lot of bikes making a good showing always for the Lava Riders! The club took off towards southeast thru Waikiki to Waimanalo being first stop. After a little break at the spot, most decided to ride around the island so off we went with next stop Kahuku then all the way around to “Killer Tacos “ in Haleiwa. to our delight they had updated lunch specials! The tape job we did on  Kanuk’s rear signal held up so after lunch we decided to go thru Waialua to back way onto Snake Road for our end of ride out of the North Shore. Riders went right, riders went left and riders went central…end of ride! Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Until next week stay safe “God bless” all n Ms Sparky heal fast! Love from all! Aloha oi yours truly, da V/P Kimo