Aloha Intruder Family and Friends   WELCOME TO INTRUDER SUNDAY October 20, 2019

 Aloha everyone! This morning at the spot in the circle were da V/P kimo, Henry, Kanuk, Marc, Ray H, da Professor and we got a surprise visit for “Red”, nice to see you braddah! Happy Birthday Kanuk coming up on 21st! Today da Prez is busy with SBU at the F.R.A. He’s busy with the Toy Run Tshirt sales and SBU business. It was a peek a boo day, rain in Mauka areas as we decided to go towards southeast way to Waimanalo to see if the weather holds out. It held until we got rolling and all the way down Nimitz rain was coming down from the overpass. We hit the squall, once on Nimitz Kanuk and I took the low road down Nimitz the rest took the freeway. As we merged on Nimitz I noticed Marc had kept going homeward. We continued to first stop which was Diamond Head. Kanuk found a wrench and gave it to me. Henry and Ray H thought it was funny and told me where I could put it so I won’t lose it, funny guys. Weather cleared more as we continued thru Hawaii Kai, we had a few moments with a couple mopeds impeding traffic! Once out of the way we continued up Koko Head area and around the cliffs zoomba zoomba! Still hot, hot… what rain we ran into cooled us down. At Waimanalo Henry went to grab a sandwich with everyone talking here and there in little groups. I was so hot I went to the bike, changed into my “Toys for Tots” shirt. As I was wiping my windshield down, I turned and saw Ben running towards me, “what are you doing” he exclaimed. I said I’m changing my shirt and wiping my bike he said “Kimo”, it’s you“! Ray told me some homeless guy was messing with his bike! Being his eyesight isn’t that great he charged over as everyone got a good laugh today! The “Fearless 4” decided to continue around rain or not “AWR” on the road next stop “Kahuku”. We seemed to ride between the downpours and stayed pretty dry all round the island. We ended up in Haleiwa and had lunch at L&L, what a good ride today! After we went thru the pineapple fields back to Schofield area and everyone peeled off to their final destinations!! Mahalo everyone for making the day great! Until next week be safe, God bless! And we’ll see ya on Sunday. Come one, come all! Aloha da V/P Kimo