SUNDAY OCTOBER 21, 2018 Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

Before I get started let me send a shout out to “da Red Baron” Mark Braz… to you from the Intruders Club my friend!!  For those of not on Facebook stay in touch.  Blessings to you and your Ohana! Welcome back to Intruder Sunday ride!!  In the circle were Vice President Kimo “Chameleon” Napolitano, Mark Kodama, Dervin Mann, Genny Voeks, Ray Hulama, Jim Cooper, Bridget Orlando, Ron Kahapea, Ben Tulchin, Kip Luuloa, visitor Linda and guest rider my cousin Maria….meeting and greetings.  Announcements were made followed by our group prayer then we took off to meet the Prez Ray Pagan in Kunia….he was with the Koa Puna club talking story.  I made the posse aware we would hook up with the Prez at the golf course. I was packing my cousin Maria so when we reached the Prez he took the group lead and I rode behind the road guards next to Genny…ah yes, no pressure once again!! What a beautiful day to be on the bike…..we made our normal stops in North Shore with a stop at the Sunset Texaco station to gas up.  We continued through North Shore passing Kahuku with a stop at scenic Laie Point for my cousin Maria to take pictures of the beautiful ocean. We then continued our travel headed into the wet side of Kaneohe.  The club decided to stop for lunch at Times Restaurant.  Aloha to my brothers and sista! Genny, Maria and I opted to continue around the island stopping at Kona Brewery – great lunch – then made our way back to central!  Thanks to all for showing cousin Maria our gorgeous island. Mahalo for you all who came out to ride today….until next week be safe, check your bikes and see you all next Sunday. Mahalo and Aloha! Da Vice President Kimo “Chameleon” Napolitano