Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning at the spot were da v/p, Geneva, Henry, Red, Kanuk, JimC, Bridget, Dmann, and Professor. After some alohas we gathered in our circle. I let everyone know we would meet da Prez at Cycle City and start our ride from there. We shared a prayer then rallied to stage for go… We made it to the Harley shop in good time. Da Prez was outside talking to some dangerous curves riders. After we gathered once again n chose our route to ride … Westside it is, Yokohamas here we come…we rode the back roads thru Nanakuli to the Waianae coastline… we stopped at the last 7 -11 on the right side in Waianae. Then off to yokes, it was beautiful there, hot but beautiful. Da Prez had a little gas issue with his bike, then Dmann had gas coming out his pipes, but we all got on the road again, end of Westside ride! Another great ride with the Intruders of Hawaii! Mahalo to everyone who came out today! Until next week stay safe, be great, those who need prayers you got them! God bless you! Aloha n mahalo da v/p Kamillion