Aloha Intruder members & friends:

These mornings in the circle were da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Marc, Red, Henry, Kanauck, RayH, Ben and guest rider John. Today we would head south shore way, first stop Waimanalo. The weather was beautiful and away we went. We stopped in Waikiki gas station and JimC and Bridget were getting gas, riders in the back caught up and we all continued windward and it was howling a little bit…aurighttt made our first stop, break time. Before long it was time to hele,! North shore bound, Kahuku next stop, the ride there was another great riding adventure waved at Scotty driving by in his work truck…once at Kahuku a little break, da Prez n Sparky turning around, things to do. I suggested anyone like having lunch at Turtle Bay would be the spot so alohas were said and back on the road we went there was 3 of us at lunch. Nice lunch and day it was! Mahalo to you all who make it special, until next week be well,¬†see ya then.

Aloha da v/p Kimosabe