SUNDAY OCTOBER 28, 2018  Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

Welcome to Intruder Sunday!!  In the circle were President Ray Pagan and Sparky, Vice President Kimo “Chameleon” Napolitano, Genny Voeks, Marc Kodama, Ray Hulama and “the Professor” Ben Tulchin.  Former Intruder member Ray Egami stopped by and showed us his new 3 wheeler…..looking good.  After announcements and our prayer for the day, the group headed out southeast with the first stop at Sandy Beach and away we went.  When we arrived some friends of the “Kukia” motorcycle and “Rocky” and crew pulled up – we talked story for awhile then headed off to Waimanalo for another pit stop.  After getting regrouped the next leg of today’s ride was to Kahuku Sugar Mill.  The ride was nice, traffic was bearable and we got there in good time.  At the Kahuku stop some of us gassed up, others got some cold drinks and we all chatted each other up.  End of ride was called…..some of the crew decided to turn around and 4 of us continued around the horn….we opted out of lunch….and continued around the island until we split up in Haleiwa.  Genny and I went central with Ray and Ben continuing on the freeway. Mahalo to you all who came out to ride.  Until next week stay safe and be well!  Special prayers and fast healing to bgirl!  God bless, we love you!  Aloha! Da Vice President Kimo “Chameleon” Napolitano