Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome to another Intruder Sunday! Today in the circle were Da Prez, v/p Kimo, Genny, Red, Marc, Henry, Ron, Ben, Iceman & Dee, & Kanauck….announcements and a prayer n we were off to go join Lava riders poker run at Cycle City Harley. So that’s where we rolled! Man when we arrived the bikes was everywhere n we were early, that’s how we like it! Got off our bikes n headed towards the ticket tent to draw our first card, a lot of our brotherhoods came out today, we got our sheets got ready and the poker run was on…we jammed to our next stop, platinum lounge, draw another card, I had 2 kings! Off we went to our next stop Kapolei shopping mall was the target…we zoomed down the freeway our road guards busy today! Mahalo gentlemen! Zoomed to the next stop, drew another card a queen for me off to the next stop “Mililani” off we zoomed….arright I pulled a jack! Ok time for last stop, lunch and party back at the Harley shop 2kings 1 queen 1 jack what do you think? ok ShowTime we rode with the wind came back off airport road to cycle city road, Well now we rolled into the event before the masses arrived, alright, I pulled a 3 of spades, pair of kings it is…we got lunch talked story with friends music, raffles laughter n fun…but it was hot hot hot, some clubs brought shade and brew to keep cool, da Prez set up some toys for tots things out, the rest of us hang out. Mahalo to all who came out today, what a blast! Until next week stay safe! Maintain your bike, keeps ya going! Aloha for now da v/p Kamillion