Aloha Intruder family & friends:

Happy Easter all! This morning in the circle were da v/p Kamillion, Capt. RON, Professor, Kanauck, MrHappy, Teddy3 & Deedee; JimC & Kipp. Coup pulled up on his new addition to the family with a 2014 victory 8ball with hard bags, black, nice bike brudda! After a safety talk n a blessing we headed Southside. The weather was clear n beautiful! Waimanalo first stop, nice ride to nalo, by the time we got there, those with Easter plans had turned around. 4 of us left, decided to continue around the island. It was another beautiful leg of the journey, once at Kahuku sugar mill, we had a brief break and decided to forego lunch n ride thru Northshore bypass Haleiwa n go about our dayz, great ride! Mahalo for all who came out to ride! Until next week stay safe hug your family and be ready to ride Sunday Aloha da v/p K,