Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Here we are once again. Welcome to Intruder Sunday! What a dizzy Red! Congratulations to our Sgt of Arms “Red” who married ‘MS Betsy of the Pacific Knights last night! What a great night it was. I’m cutting it close this morning but almost there. Everyone waiting as usual, Mark was calling me as I pulled up. Aloha everyone! We are all back now from our trips. Big Island 2016 was a blast despite 2 hurricanes. It was another great time on Big Island. Got to watch always for safety! This morning in the circle were da Prez & first Lady, v/p Kimo, Marc, Henry, Mark & Didi, Ron, Ben & Gail, Kanauck, Barbra and brought back by popular demand guest rider “Andie”. Honor guard need at St Patrick’s Kaimuki Monday Sept 26th call Kimo 381-3747 I you can make it. Eta 11:30, anyone can make, it short honor guard ride to Diamondhead Mortuary. Back to the pack were heading South! Waimanalo firsts stop,I was on big island last week this time so today’s ride is special, the Prez trike was overheating when we entered Waikiki area, we all pulled over n got going soon enough! Zoom zoom away we went the coastline was beautiful like the day varoomba varoomba we made our first stop in good time nice ride we all settled in, coffee and snacks then off again to Kahuku side Sugar Mill next stop. Nice long ride too! We got there and most of the group wanted to turn around n have kaukau at Ruby Tuesdays Kaneohe, aurighttti. I continuing into the north shore and to snake road, ”Kanuck”signaled she was in on continuing, so we said our alohas and zoom zoom we road straight to Mililani! Great ride everyone! Mahalo to you all! Until next week stay safe! Check your bike out, routine maintenance on Ur bike keeps ya riding! And you guest riders keep coming back! Aloha da v/p!