SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2018    Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

In the Intruder circle today was Vice President Kimo “Chameleon” Napolitano, Marc Kodama, Leslie “Kanuk” Titcomb, Ron Kahapea, Ben Tulchin, Clyde “Red” Sage, Dervin Mann, Barbara Silva, Jim “Skully” Barnes, Ray Hulama and guest rider Linda.  After announcements and our ride blessing we were ready to start the ride!!

Dervin, Red and Skully were doing their own thing and headed off.  The rest of the group rode to H3 heading to Kahekili Highway.  Once there the traffic was heavy with cones put out on the road for the Century Ride.  Expected to see Da Pres Ray Pagan somewhere along the line…..working the run and sure enough as we approach Swanzy’s Beach he was standing by the road next to his trike.  We all stopped to stretch our legs and talk story for a short time.  Next group stop was at Kahuku Sugar Mill with light rain cooling us down  a lil bit.  Other bikes were already parked so we found space, said our hellos and decided to lunch at Mililani Shack.

Road Captain Marc Kodama left the group to head home and celebrate Hauoli La Hanau with the Mrs.…..his better half!!

Lunch at the Shack for the rest of the group was good, we were able to catch the Raider game final.  Intruder member Genny Voeks cruised by to say hello.  Kanuk and I escorted the group to the freeway as end of ride was called and everyone headed towards their homes.  Mahalo to all who came out to ride.  Thanks for your patience when things go a little different….like the old seamen on the ships during high seas who “hold tight” and ride like the wind!!

Mahalo and Aloha!   Da Vice President Kimo “Chameleon” Napolitano