Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Today was a not too hot, but a beautiful and sunny day. At the meeting spot Marc, Red, Mark & Dee Dee, Leslie & Ray H. showed up. Red couldn’t ride; you know preparing for

his wedding and all. (SEPTEMBER 17, 2016,) I asked him if he was getting cold feet. He said yes, but it was because he was running the a/c in his Red Durango and he had slippers on.

We had some coffee, a light breakfast and talked story since it was still early.

We rolled out to the FRA to pick Prez & Alicia. Not sure if they came home or if this was a vacation from Ohio. Anyway, got there, Kimo & Jenny was there, but not riding.

Gathered up Prez & Alicia and decided to head north via Kunia. So hele on we did stopping at Teds Bakery for a break. Had a good time talking story.

Mark, Dee Dee & Leslie headed back, so Prez, Alicia, Ray H. & I decided to go to Times for lunch. It was good as usual, of course with enjoyable company.

End of ride was called. Hugs & kisses & and we were on our ways home. Hey Intruders come out and ride. WE promise to be social able & actually talk to you all, not to our phones.

See you all next week. Mahalo n Aloha Marc