Aloha Intruder Family and Friends   WELCOME TO INTRUDER SUNDAY September 29, 2019

 Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! Last ride of September 2019. Mahalo for all the bday wishes! Today was another “Faithful 4”, V/P Kimo, Kanuk, Marc and Ben.  Being the Century Run was in progress and weather on the wet side, we decided to go to the west side, so off we went west bound. I called Ray H and Ron to let them know we were in da neighborhood, it was a nice ride and Yokohama Bay was beautiful, had waves and blue skies. As we were taking a break, a Hog group came by with the Kanakas rolling in. We weren’t the only ones thinking go west! After that little break, we went to Spinners at the Waianae harbor and had a nice lunch. After lunch and nice visit, our small pack headed back south, 2 going town and 2 going central. For month of October 2019, let’s get our goal on and ride next Sunday. Aloha, da V/P Kimo