Aloha Intruder family & friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! Strange not be on the big island this time of year, but let’s see what the club does when were off island! In the circle today were Da Prez, Sparky, da VP, Genny, Kanuk, Marc, Red, Henry, RayH.

After SBU finished, we headed out south shore way, Waimanalo next stop, as we rolled  thru town and the beach areas the bikes running well. People out having fun, no worries about North Korea acting up ya! Zoom zoom we go, it was a hot day when we pulled into the Plaza ready for something cold for drink. Then regroup, what’s next stop? We agreed  Kahuku sugar mill, then turn around and charge H3 to west side homeward bound, so after da break some headed right some went left and the rest of us continued unto the other side of the island, nice hot day, grateful Kahuku sugar mill store was open today so we could get cool drinks. Da Prez, Sparky and Marc when doubling back, Ray, Gen, Kanuk and I would continue Northshore bound. We were hoping no surf traffic, but ran into some anyway, didn’t stop for any lunch, made it around snake road and pass schofield.  Ray peeled at Kunia and us three headed for Mililani. Another great ride, mahalo to all who came out to ride! Tomorrow is Labor Day and were riding see ya at zippy same time aloha da v/p Kimo