Aloha Intruder Family and Friends  WELCOME TO INTRUDER SUNDAY September 8, 2019

Aloha and welcome back to Intruders Sunday ride. The past couple weeks, our club and all the other clubs paid their respects to the famous…. “Tiger Wong” May passing August 2019. Today when we pulled up to our spot, in the circle was our usual gang, da Prez, da V/P Kimo, Marc, Geneva, Henry, Kanuk, Ben, Bridgett, Jim C and guest rider Jack. We headed out Waimanalo way, it was a beautiful ride. At Waimanalo, Jack In The Box for refreshments but most da riders had to dig or something. They had family stuff to get to but 3 of us continued around the island, Kanuk, Genny and da V/P cruised on and we went. The trip around the island was great and at Kahuku, even though the store is closed, some girls opted a coffee at this place around the back that was open on Sundays, Vegan food and after some cold pressed coffee, we continued to the North Shore. There was some traffic by the turtles resting place. We opted out of lunch and went Snake road to Mililani….end of ride. Mahalo for those who came out to ride! Until next week, Aloha da V/P Kimo