SUNDAY MAY 8, 2016

Aloha Intruder family & Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day! To Moms everywhere.  In the circle this morning were da v/p Kimo, Red, Marc, Ron, Ben, Skully, Kanauck, and Kipp! Small group today but after some current events discussed and a prayer we took off going south, first stop would be in Waimanalo, Yokozuna shopping plaza. We cruised up Nimitz to Ala Moana looking at all the new changes in the areas n into Waikiki tourists waving taking pictures waving back and a couple varoom varooms we carried on just as we approached Duke’s statue. Emergency fire truck approached, we pulled off to the right just happened two HPD officers were a couple feet in front of us standing on the sidewalk, shakas exchanged and away we went. The weather started getting gray as we approached Makapu and when we pulled in Waimanalo it was starting to sprinkle so had a coffee, some riders opted to turn around, some had mother day celebrations to attend. 4 of us decided to ride into the storm and go around the island. Ben said he would spring for lunch In Haleiwa, so shoots we go! Next stop Kahuku light rain along the way surprising us all, we continued forward wet on the right wet on the left dry in the middle thank you Jesus! Stopped at the 76 for a little gas up then away to Sharkey’s fish tacos, mahalo Ben! Want to thank all who came out to ride today! Big island crew get with the officers if you plan on going paperwork with drivers lic registration insurance copies, needed in the future! Until next Sunday stay well love your family your bike and your club.

Mahalo n aloha da v/p