SUNDAY May 13, 2018 Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Short ride today, in the circle were da Prez, Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Dmann, Red, Ray H, and a blast from da past Tammy and son Justin stopped in. After announcements, Alohas and a few laughs, prayer said to bless all and we hit the road. We rode out to H-3 and headed up the mountain to the Koolaus,

into the tunnel and rode to the Kaneohe lookout before Kbay Marine Base. We had a nice break, some pics taken and more laughs then it was end of ride! We all cruised to the guard-shack, made our u turn and most of us continued up H-3 while for some it was back to the Westside and central for

others and one going Waianae. Da Prez pulled off at Kamehameha Hwy homeward bound. Everyone have a great Mother’s Day! Mahalo for coming out to ride today! Till next week stay safe, clean da bikes and check for loose objects! Aloha oi, Da V/P Kimosabe